Project Description


ARCHEO, installation.

British Ceramic Biennial, AWARD.

In her installation, ARCHEO,  Irina Razumovskaya  creates a vision of an imagined archaeological site. Blending together ancient architectural forms, the work reveals itself as a mirage from the distant past, invoking the spirit of long-forgotten ruins. 

Irina makes use of unusual textures created through experimental ceramic surface applications, which mimic the effects seen on ageing and crumbling structures. Peeling and decaying surfaces provide glimpses into the deeper layers of meaning that can be found within our shared culture, often obscured by the glossy veneer of the modern world.

The work serves as a critical response to a world where the vandalism of heritage is becoming an everyday occurrence. It reminds us that behind the ephemeral and easy there are profound and abiding connections, which can be uncovered through gaining a deeper understanding of our true context within the history of civilisation. ​

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